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preparation for primary teacher recruitment

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The government is working tirelessly to achieve the quality of primary education. Following this, the assistant teachers under the Department of Primary Education (DPE) will get a direct appointments in the 13th grade of the National Salary Scale 2015 for the first time. preparation for primary teacher

So I am telling the job seekers that before participating in this exam, some guidelines have been given to sharpen their preparation. Let’s discuss the type of test. The test will be 100 numbers, of which a. Written test number 60, b. 20 marks will be allotted for oral examination. The written test will have objective questions of Bengali, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. The value of each question is 1, 0.25 marks can be deducted for each mistake.

Preparation of Bengali subject

Bengali subject is divided into two parts — a. Bengali literature, b. Bengali grammar. For Bengali literature, it is important to emphasize on the identity of writers, poets and essayists, especially (Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Shamsur Rahman, Syed Shamsul Haque, Begum Rokeya, Sufia Kamal, Humayun Ahmed, Jahanara Imam, Farrukh Ahmed, Jasimuddin Promidin, Jibanand). ) Changes in the era of literature, titles, pseudonyms, newspaper editors, novels / plays / stories based on language movement and novels / plays / stories based on the liberation war. In order to acquire this knowledge, it is best to follow the NCTB Bangla Board books up to the fifth-twelfth grade.

For Bengali grammar, letters or sounds, duplicates, conjunctions, verbs and inflections, conjunctions, nature and suffixes, words, opposite words, synonyms, expressions, proverbs, proverbs, phrases, prefixes and suffixes and punctuation are very important. For Bangla grammar, NCTB Bangla 2nd paper board book written for ninth and tenth class should practice more seriously.

English preparation

The English subject is divided into two parts: A English Literature, B. English Grammar. English Literature rarely comes here. However, knowing the basic part is helpful in preparation. B. Grammar part is very important. These are Tense, Voice, Narration, Number, Gender, Preposition / Appropriate Preposition, Participle, Right Form of Verb etc. Apart from Grammar, Spelling, Synonym, Antonym, Idioms & Phrase, One-word Substitution, translation, Proverbs etc. The practice book preparation of NCTB English Grammar Board books and Applied English Grammar & Composition books written by P.C Das for the sixth-twelfth class exped.

Math preparation, preparation for primary teacher

Mathematics is an abstract subject. There is a greater chance of getting a job with more practice without panicking about math. Mathematics divides into three parts — a) arithmetic, b) algebra and c) geometry.
A. For arithmetic, rational and irrational numbers, prime numbers, fractions, percentages, unit rules, profit-loss, interest-calculation, average, section, lasagna, and garage. Fifth-eighth grade NCTB math board book practice is very useful for arithmetic practice.

B. For algebra, it is better to practice NCTB Maths Board books of class VI-IX for practicing algebraic quantities, standardization, product analysis, simple equations, indices, logarithms, sets, functions, etc.
C. Lines and cones in geometric parts, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles and trigonometry, and measurements test, which can be done by practicing NCTB Geometric Parts board book of class VI-IX for practice.

Preparation of common sense, preparation for primary teacher

Although the name of the part is common sense, its scope is huge. Here questions come from Bangladesh affairs, international affairs, science, computer part. Geographical Location of Bangladesh for Bangladesh Affairs, Area, Boundaries, Population, Tribes, Traditions, Establishments, Patterns of Bangladesh. History of Ancient Bengal, British Rule, Language Movement, Liberation War, Constitution of Bangladesh, Administrative Structure, Prizes, Sports, Town of Bangladesh, Rivers, NCTB Bangladesh and World Identity, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh, Geography, Economics, Politics (9th-10th class) are sufficient for acquiring complete knowledge for the practice of Natural Resources, Famous Places, National Day, etc.

In the case of international affairs, importance should give to geographical novels, boundaries, methods, islands, seas, oceans, treaties, conferences, organizations, institutions, countries, currencies, capitals, International Day, United Nations, awards, etc. Since common sense is ever-changing, monthly current affairs and ‘today’s world’ will be very helpful for general knowledge. Apart from this, for science subjects, 5th-9th class NCTB science board bye and 6th-8th class NCTB ICT board book will play a leading role in getting the highest marks in practice.

Finally, I would like to say that there is a principle in the Bangladesh Army, that is ‘hard work, easy war’. With this in mind, if the dear job-seeking brothers and sisters practice. They will be able to easily pass the assistant teacher recruitment test in primary schools. Good luck to everyone.preparation for primary teacher

Author: Assistant Teacher, Goalnagar Government Primary School, Kotwali, Dhaka.


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