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Bangladesh Bank Job circular 2020

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Bangladesh Bank will employ 157 persons.

Bangladesh Bank Job circular 2020. Bangladesh Bank will appoint 157 people. (122 people in Sonali Bank, 35 in Janata Bank). Bangladesh Bank has issued a notice regarding the appointment. The notice is highlighted below.

Bangladesh Bank Job

Position Name, number and salary:

157 people will be appointed for the IT – Officer. Salary for the said position is Rs 16,00-38,640.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Post Graduate in Computer Science / Computer Science & Engineering / Computer Science & Software Engineering / Software Engineering / Information & Communication Technology / Information Technology / Information & Communication Engineering. Or have a 4 year Bachelor’s degree (Honors) degree.
  • Secondary School Certificate / equivalent and above level examination should have at least 1st division/ class. Government policy will apply to the outcome of the grading procedure. At no stage would a 3rd division / third class be acceptable.
  • In respect of the results published in the grading system, the notification notifies dated 02/06/2009 and 02/03/2010 of the Ministry of Education, sheam/sha: 11/5-1 (part)/582 and sheam/sha 11/19-1/2007/174 respectively. Accordingly, in the current prevailing GPA or field, the 1st and 2nd Division / Class will be determined as against the CGPA.

Bangladesh Bank Job Application Age:

The maximum number of candidates for all candidates except the freedom fighter’s children and persons with disabilities is 30 years on 01/07/2019. The maximum number of children of the freedom fighters and candidates with disabilities is 32 years.

Application Method:

Online Application Form Apply by filling the online application form of https://erecruitment.bb.org.bd on this website regarding appointment of Bangladesh Bank. Candidate’s name, father and mother’s name must be written in SSC or equivalent certificate in the online application. The permanent address mentioned in the candidate’s nationality certificate is the permanent address of the candidate. As mentioned. The permanent address of the candidate mentioned in the online application is in no way changeable in the above mentioned position. However, unmarried female candidates will be able to change their permanent address in accordance with the husband’s permanent address, based on appropriate evidence, if they are bound in the marriage after filing the application. Candidates applying for new application must upload the photo and signature in the online application form as per the instructions at the designated place. In the designated cell of the Online Application Form, the date of release of the result of the respective degree published by the test regulator must be specified.

Candidates with a foreign degree:

Candidates O Level and A Level Pass, equivalent certificates issued from the respective Board of Education if domestic and degree obtained from foreign universities, according to the equivalent certificates filed by the concerned University / University Grants Commission / Ministry of Education (Class / Division / GPA / CGPA). (With reference) to present the information to the checking board during the oral examination Bay.

Bangladesh Bank Job Application Conditions:

Establish Preferred Order The applicant will have to determine the order of selection of the applicant in the online application, taking into account every organization mentioned in the recruitment notice. The final nominees will be promoted to the respective institutes subject to vacant posts as per the course of their choice in their earned merit and online application. The order of choice of the applicant for submission of online application is not changeable in any case.

CV and Job ID No Accept:

Candidates who have already applied through Bangladesh Bank will have to fill out the Online Application Form using the existing CV ID No and Password. New applicants who fill the required application form online through the website https://erecruitment.bb.org.bd will receive a CV ID No and Password. Job ID No. 10088 of the above-mentioned CV ID No. (Hyphen (-) prefix] will be used to pay the application fee.)

Quantity of application fee and method of payment of fee:

Exam fee is refundable 200 /- which is to be paid by Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Payment Gateway Rocket. You should visit the https://erecruitment.bb.org.bd/onlineapp/ rocketpreepay.pdf website for details on how to submit the application fee. In the prepaid manner, an applicant will pay the application fee against the eighth part of the candidate [hyphen (-) preceding part] of the Job ID No and CV ID No determined through the account. On payment of the application fee, the candidate will receive a Txn ID number against the fee collected.

Bangladesh Bank Job Required Papers:

Candidates who have passed the written test must submit the appropriate verbatim / certification for each information submitted online on the day of the oral examination. Employed candidates should apply with the prior approval of their appointing authority. And a copy of the approval shall be displayed on the day of the oral examination. In the case of appointment, the latest government policy and other rules regarding quotas will be followed properly. General Manager and Member Secretary, Bankers Select Committee.

Bangladesh Bank Job Application Deadline:

The application process will start on 25/02/2020. The deadline for completing the application form and depositing the fee is 10/03/2020 AD. Date, 4.1 pm. The last time to collect the Traking page is on 12 march 2020, at 11:59 pm.

Apply Online

For more job circular click here

Bangladesh Bank Job
Bangladesh Bank Job
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