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Government new plans on primary education

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Pre-primary education will be introduced in 65 Thousands government primary schools in the country from 2022 onwards.

Government new plans on primary education. Pre-primary education will be two-year term from 2022. As a result, children will be enrolled in four years. Earlier this year, a two-year pre-primary will be introduced in a school in each union of the country.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has said that more than 30 Thousands ‘child-friendly classrooms’ will be built across the country to make the classroom suitable for pre-primary. Teachers will be appointed for pre-primary. At the same time, curriculum will be formulated for the age-appropriate children.

Government new plans on primary education

A one-year pre-primary education for children over the age of 5 is introduced in limited form 2010 and in all public elementary schools from 2013 years. But as there is no formal two-year pre-primary classes in Bangladesh, the kindergarten school is expanding in the private sector. In Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and India have a two-year pre-primary education period, which is playing a major role in improving the quality of education in the country said the Ministry.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has sent a summary to the Prime Minister seeking policy approval for two years instead of a pre-primary one. The summary summarizes the rationale and challenges of doing a pre-primary two years.

The ministry said that out of the 65 Thousands 620 public primary schools, there are only 34 Thousands 799 prescribed classrooms for the pre-primary classes, and one assistant teacher (pre-primary) is employed in the 37 Thousands 672 public primary schools. In addition, the posts of one assistant teacher (pre-primary) have been created for another 26 thousand 193 primary schools and teacher recruitment process is in process. Besides, construction of additional classrooms is underway at each school.

According to the data, in the catchment area of the government primary school in the 2019th, the number of children over the age of four years is about 33 lakh 8 thousand 154. When the new classes are introduced, these children will be admitted there. During the 2019th year of the school year, 37 lakh 86 thousand 241 children participated in pre-primary education.

Secretary of the Ministry of Elementary and Mass Education Md. Akram-al-Hussein said various steps were being taken to make the education system of the Government Primary School attractive. Government new plans on primary education.

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