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Good news IFIC Bank Job Circular 2019

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For the post of Transaction Service Officer (TSO)

IFIC Bank Job Circular 2019 For the post of Transaction Service Officer (TSO) Approximately 60 people get hired or take more.

Eligibility for application: Must be awarded four years. Not in the apartment hall. The results have to come out. No 3rd grade is acceptable in the life of education. Age cannot be more than 30 years on 7/11/19 Short list will be made after application.

IFIC Bank Job Circular
IFIC Bank Job Circular

Recruitment Process: There will be a total of 5 examinations.

  1. MCQ
  2. Initial siblings
  3. Written
  4. Computer tests
  5. Final sibling.

MCQ: It’s like a normal bank. 1 hours 100 questions. There are many Math’s so those who do Math well will still be a little ahead, this is my personal opinion.

2 Initial Viva: This Viva does not ask for much. However, the color of the tie, blazer or suit, shoes and belt are fairly formal attire. (Even though I was asked about finance’s relationship with banking, my subject called finance and banking)

Written: Written by 2 Math, Free Hand Writing (AE), Translation, Letter, Sense Expansion, Bagdhara, Fres and Edioms, General Knowledge, Analytical Ability, Vacancy, etc.

The test is taken by IFIC itself.

৪ Computer tests: Computer tests come with some functions of the word such as writing modi, size, design, typing in specific formats and fonts, headers and footers, text boxes.

Some of Excel’s tasks are called to do this (usually some of the SALARY SHEETS are called to do the rest or work with the formula.

In the case of PowerPoint, it is usually recommended to make 3 slides. You have to add animation as you wish.

5 Final Viva: Final Viva does not ask too much. Just talking style and dress up looks (that’s my idea). Let me just ask what I do and what my dad does. And learned about the current job. Finished the game in just 2 minutes.

Job Detail: This is an Assistant Officer Grade job. Trainee Assistant Officer for 6 years’ probation. After this is Permanent and Assistant Officer.

However, the fungal designation will be the Transaction Service Officer or TSO.

Salary: The basic salary for the first 1 years is Tk 17200. Overall, Tk 28370. Manthali is available at the branch for a general bribe of Rs. The salary will be tk 19200 basic after submission. But if the performance is good, then a promotion will be 21200. (This time the salary was mentioned in the circular, not mentioned earlier) In addition, at the Authorized Branch (AD Branch), pay for the office on Saturday at the parade (10 am to 2pm on Saturday). You will be covered by group insurance since your appointment. IFIC Bank will pay the monthly premium for you separately. You, your spouse, your 2 children (maximum, if you have more than 2 children) get the maximum coverage of 4 lakh a year for these 4 people for medical treatment. That means 16 lakh for everyone. This insurance coverage is available relative to document submission.

If you die for any reason, the nominated person or persons will get 15 lakh rupees annually. There are other benefits of this bank. For example, a personal “stuff my account” with Salary Account Free is also a one-year free, no check for free, no maintenance fees. If the quality of service is good, in a few years there is a chance to become a senior officer. The LFA is available from the next year if the job is Permanent. You will receive 15 consecutive days off which can be deducted from your Arnold Leave, plus Tk. 30000 Arnold Live is available at 30 pm a year. There is Casual Leave at 12 and Seek Leave at 14.

Incentives are available once a year. On top of the performance you get 3/4 of your basics or 3 times the maximum. The bank does it less on its profits. The experience of the last few years can be found in the multiples of Kalebesic. Provided that your performance must be “Good” or above grade. There is a bonus on Eid. These are some of the benefits I did not mention. Arkey got the surprise. Can be done at any branch. Even the head office is appointed from here. You have to have that mentality to go out of Dhaka. This job can be done with a little effort. The appointment is fair to my knowledge.

IFIC Profile:

IFIC bank but much older bank. It started as a full-fledged bank in the 1985. IFIC Bank Job Circular 2019 Apply Last Date: November 9, 2019

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