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NTRCA 3rd Merit List Recruitment Public Circular Released in March

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Non-government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) 3rd Merit List Recruitment Public Circular Released may be in March.

NTRCA 3rd Merit List Recruitment Public Circular Released in March 2020. A public notice for the appointment of teachers in the 3rd circle of private educational institutions in the country may be published next March. More than 57thousand teachers are vacant in the country’s 19 thousand educational institutions. The NTRCA has made initial plans to release the public statement in March for the appointment of these posts.

A senior NTRCA official said the question was answered after a meeting with officials of Teletalk, a technical support institute, in preparation for the recommendation for a teacher appointment in the 3rd Circle on Wednesday (February 26th). The meeting was held at the NTRCA office.

NTRCA 3rd Merit List Recruitment

The NTRCA official said that even after recommending the appointment of a candidate, his MPO was not due to misinformation of vacancies. Which weakens the candidates mentally. Hundreds of teachers who have been advised to appoint 2nd Circle teachers are still unable to join MPO due to these complications. Companies are being given the opportunity to rectify the vacancies so that the next recruitment recommendation process does not create this complexity. Until next March 5, the education authorities will be given the opportunity to rectify the vacancies through the District Education Officers. More than half a million vacancies are expected after the last verification.

Responding to a question as to when the public notification of teacher recruitment recommendation could be published, the NTRCA official told DailyEdit.com that we believe there is still something wrong with the vacancies. Several District Education Officers requested an extension of time to correct the information. But then that time was not extended. NTRCA wants to appoint Clean. The NTRCA did not want to apply by publishing a public notice before completely correcting any inaccuracies in the vacancies. Initial plans have been issued for public release next March, after correcting the misinformation of vacancies. If all goes well, a public notice may be released in mid-March.

NTRCA officials said the vacancies were allowed to be amended until Thursday, February 13, but it was later extended. Until February 19, the district education officers and heads of institutions were given the opportunity to verify and correct the vacancies. At the end of the e-petition, the vacancy data was more than 59 thousand. But that number has been reduced by verification. According to the latest data, there are more than 57 thousand vacancies. The 19 thousand 471 schools, madrasa, colleges and technical education institutions in the country have reported the vacancies.

NTRCA works to recruit candidates to recruit teachers at entry level in private educational institutions. The selected candidates do not have to take any more tests. Already, in two circles, the NTRCA has recommended candidates for entry level teachers to be appointed at private educational institutes on 2016 AD and 2019 AD. The NTRCA has started the process of appointing teachers in the third cycle of all educational institutions.

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