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What is the way now in front of the government to break the lockdown?

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What is the way, While the coronavirus infection is on the rise in Bangladesh, the effectiveness of the lockdown has been questioned as businesses have opened in various fields after the opening of garment factories?

What is the way, Due to economic pressure from the government, it is not possible to keep it limited even if there is talk of starting a limited number of industrial factories or businesses.Experts say the breakdown has put thousands of people at risk of infection. They also felt that it was not possible to provide adequate treatment to deal with the situation.

What is the way

So what is the way for Bangladesh now or is there any way open – these questions are being discussed now.The issue of limited range remains unresolved. The reality is that almost all of the garment owners have started their own factories.There has been a lot of discussion about the unimaginable scene of thousands of workers rushing to Dhaka from different parts of the country during the opening of the factories.Many factory workers are now at risk of coronavirus infection.But the government’s thinking was not limited to opening garments.

An attempt is being made to start diversified economic activities quickly by opening one factory and shop or business establishment after another.Nazneen Ahmed, a senior researcher at the government research firm BIDS, said there was no alternative but to start economic activities now. But he felt the need to plan without rushing.”There is no way to separate life and livelihood under any circumstances now. If I say just save lives, what will I do – how will I provide food for billions of people? So if I think about that place, I have to go into economic activity.”

But researcher Nazneen Ahmed thinks there was a need for planning.

“How far I will go from the lockdown to economic activity will depend on whether I have the health benefits to handle the additional health risks that I have created as a result of starting economic activities, or to put it simply. Many people have lost their jobs in Bangladesh due to prolonged lockdown to prevent coronavirus infection.Is loose lockdown due to stress? What is the way.

In the wake of the lockdown for almost a month and a half, the demand for livelihoods of low-income people, including workers, was creating a pressure. Besides, pressure from various quarters including garment owners was a big issue for the government to consider. Under the pressure of various Islamist organizations, the prayers in the mosque have also been opened for the worshipers on the condition of following the hygiene rules.

There seems to be an environment where everything is going on. With the increase in traffic and people, the roads in the capital seem to be returning to their former busy state. Nadira Parveen, a teacher at Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, thinks that even if there is an opportunity to take more time, efforts to normalize the situation. “Now that the infection is increasing day by day, it should have taken a little longer.

Now is not the time to open everything up.” The government had no choice but to relax the lockdown in various cases. Many ministers, including the commerce minister, have made such statements. But keeping people at home is seen as one of the ways to prevent coronavirus infection. Many experts are skeptical of the government’s move to ease the lockdown amid the risk of infection.


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